Annie Norton BSN, RN, MMCP

annie@simplynfp.com, 815-953-9067

Hi! I’m Annie Norton and I’m a Marquette Method Certified Professional and the founder of Simply NFP. I received my BSN from Franciscan University of Steubenville in 2015 and started my nursing career late that summer. At the time, I had no clue that God would eventually call me to become an NFP instructor!

Practicing NFP in my own marriage, I am passionate about all the benefits that naturally tracking the cycle can bring to both women and couples alike. By knowing how God made us and how our menstrual cycles work, we can live out our vocations of marriage in a wholesome and integrated way!

In the beginning of my marriage, my husband and I used a mucus and temperature method to track my cycles and fertility. After the birth of our first, I was breastfeeding and had wonky temperatures, and I felt that I needed a more objective method. We then discovered the gift of the Marquette Method in 2018. Marquette provided us with so much peace and clarity, especially in that post-partum and breastfeeding time. I became so confident and felt called to share that confidence with other couples, so I became certified to teach the method.

My favorite part about being an NFP coach is meeting all my wonderful clients. I often walk away with a new insight after a class or follow-up, and I love being able to support my clients and help them navigate all the things that come with practicing Natural Family Planning in their marriages.

Meg Murray BSN, RN

megmkay@yahoo.com, 708-465-3718

My name is Meg Murray, and I am a certified Marquette instructor. I’ve been using Marquette since the birth of my first son in 2014. I was needing objective and reliable methods of NFP, so I was happy to find Marquette! I received my BSN in 2013 from Franciscan University of Steubenville, and after 5 years of Med-Surg and float pool, I started working labor and delivery and never looked back!

Currently, I work part time, am certified in Electronic Fetal Monitoring, and teach birthing classes at my hospital. I have a heart for women’s health and want women to know how strong and incredible their bodies are – appearances are the least interesting thing about us!