What is Mira?

The Mira analyzer can be used in conjunction with the Marquette method.* It is an at-home fertility monitor that uses quantitative technology, measuring levels of LH, E3G, PdG, and FSH. Mira is a great option for women who are breastfeeding, have PCOS, are in peri-menopause, or who love graphs and data. 

We offer two Mira classes:

  • Transition to Mira – if you’ve already learned the Marquette method using the Clearblue monitor but want to switch to the Mira analyzer.
  • New to Marquette and Mira – if you are new to Marquette altogether.

Note: we are aware that Mira, as a company, supports reproductive technologies and practices that go against our consciences as well as Catholic teaching. While we do not support or condone those practices and the use of the Mira analyzer for those purposes, we do see the value in using the Mira analyzer to practice Natural Family Planning and to monitor the hormonal health and well-being of women.

*The protocols for Mira use with the Marquette Method of NFP are provisional at this time, as studies on effectiveness are underway.